Lidio Carraro winery proposes rescuing the essence and integrity of wine in the name of excellence

Brazilian boutique winery Lidio Carraro has broken paradigms in the market with its own method of managing the wine technique called the Purist Philosophy, which combines knowledge, technique and art in the search for the “ideal wine”. The proposal is to rescue the essence and the integrity of the wine, in a productive process with the minimum of interference and the maximum respect for the natural expression of the grape and the terroir of origin. Only first-class wines are produced, which stand out for their own style and excellence.

With a trajectory of more than five generations in the hands of a family of descendants of Italian immigrants, Lidio Carraro maintains its characteristics with its own vineyards, manual harvesting, limited production, winemaking by parcels and by gravity, without wood, without added sugar, with cold clarification, without additives or oenological corrections.

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