HMS invests in sustainable finances

Completing its first decade of existence, HMS Financial remains focused on providing quality financial products to clients and suppliers, in the insurance business. Located on Canada’s Atlantic coast, the company operates according to a responsible finance model, based on ethical decision-making standards. In addition, HMS is committed to reducing levels of poverty and inequality, themes that are the objective of the company’s social initiatives in rural communities, and in the Halifax and Montreal regions.

True to its mission of always considering the welfare of the people in the communities where it operates, HMS has had to adjust its operations, with a view to responding to the demands created, last year, by the new coronavirus pandemic. One of the measures it put in effect was the establishment of a program to temporarily waive fees for insufficient funds (NSF) and overdue payments, and to be more flexible with regard to defaulted accounts.

And the result was positive: the volume of cancellations due to non-payments in 2020, and the first few months of 2021, has been reduced, if compared to the levels that were observed before the advent of Covid-19.

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*Source: HMS