Marcelo Corrêa Consulting makes exports easier

Canada offers excellent opportunities for small and medium Brazilian exporters, in many different fields of activity. However, the lack of knowledge about the peculiarities of the country’s consumers and the complexity of foreign trade operations, frequently end up keeping away companies that could be competitive in that market. With its headquarters in Toronto, Marcelo Corrêa Consulting assists companies interested in conquering Canada’s market, and, in the opposite direction, Canadian importers that intend to increase, with Brazilian producers, their range of suppliers.

With the support of Marcelo Corrêa Consulting, those agricultural producers, who have never participated directly in the international market, receive guidance on how to work towards meeting all Brazilian bureaucratic requirements, in addition to having access to relevant information on the foreign market. Besides this, indispensable factors for a good insertion of their products in the Canadian market, such as the elaboration of packaging, increasing the quality of the fruit, and obtaining the certifications required by the local health authorities, are also the object of the services provided by the consultancy. The financial monitoring of exports is also carried out.

Currently, the consultancy works with a network of large importers and distributors located in the three main Canadian cities. These companies serve supermarket chains, companies that supply hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

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*Source: Marcelo Corrêa Consulting