Get ready for the next season

In May, the schedule starts to get busy in Canada for cultural, sporting, and even business events, in anticipation of the celebrated summer

By Estela Cangerana

Unlike Brazil, the season of the year has a strong impact on the life and business for Canadians. Although activities take place all year round, the harsh winter can make it impossible even to leave the house, at certain times. For this reason, one of the defining characteristics of Canadians is precisely the celebration of periods of good weather, with many outdoor activities, festivals, and celebrations. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic is still expected to interfere, preventing crowds. But the options remain plentiful to enjoy the season even for people outside Canada, who would not have this opportunity.

Cultural Agenda

May is home to one of the most representative national holidays on the country’s calendar, the Victoria Day. The date marks the birthday of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, who chose Ottawa as the location for Canada’s capital. Canada, to this day, is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, with historical ties to the United Kingdom. In Quebec, since 2003, local law provides for the celebration of National Patriots Day, on the same date. The celebrations always take place on the Monday before May 25 (in 2021, on the 24th) and they are considered the beginning of summer.

This is also the time when many people open their summer homes, it is when picnics and outdoor activities begin, such as taking care of the gardens and going to the parks. The streets and roads become busier. However, the number of people is still smaller than during the busiest months of summer (July and August). In other words, it is a good idea for those who are in Canada to enjoy the pleasant weather, but always not forming crowds.

Often, fireworks and parades celebrate the day in different Canadian locations. Check out what will be available for watching online this year.

As the days get longer, the colors of spring also seem more intense. In Ottawa, from May 14 to 24, the Canadian Tulip Festival will take place. Held annually since 1945, it will have a virtual version in 2021.

In Toronto, the 25th edition of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival began on May 1. Exceptionally in 2021 the event will continue, both physically and virtually, for the rest of the year. The festival promotes a variety of photographic exhibitions and outdoor installations by Canadian and international artists.

From May 18th until May 21st, the Canadian Music Week will take place. The event will have its annual conference and music festival available online.

The intensification of events is expected to continue in June and July, when the most important Canadian celebration takes place, the Canada Day, which marks the country’s anniversary. The date is celebrated both there and here. In Brazil, this year the CCBC will organize the second edition of Canada Day CCBC Online Festival, with an intense online program.

Understanding the importance of the climate

Understanding the dynamics of the Canadian climate is relevant, not only for those who want to visit or travel around the country. Winter is usually quite severe, although with different intensities, depending on the region. This means that it is not unusual for snowstorms to prevent school classes, social events, travel, and even the population from, sometimes, leaving their homes for days, which even impacts the food supply. The weather alerts get a lot of attention from the population and supermarkets offer products that can be stocked for these periods.

On the other hand, in the warmer months of the year, with the longer days and pleasant temperatures, Canadians literally enjoy the season, with an intense offer of activities. For Canadians, “living in the sunshine” is especially important.