Genetec analyzes system security

Genetec, a company specialized in developing security systems, has just released its State of Physical Security Report 2022. This is a detailed analysis of the strategies that companies around the world are adopting to strengthen their cybersecurity. After all, in recent years data from physical security technology has become increasingly strategic for companies – especially in the context of the digital transformation process. As a result, the concern for protecting this data has increased.

The document, drawn from the experience of more than 3,700 security leaders – including end users and integrators, installers and/or system vendors – shows that 64% of respondents are looking for new approaches to implement and manage a robust cybersecurity strategy. In addition, 54% of those surveyed indicated that cybersecurity tools were their primary focus throughout this year. And 63% of respondents, and 70% of organizations with more than 10,000 employees, said they perceive physical security and related data as vital.

When detailing the survey by region, it can be seen that in South American countries 50.4% of respondents said that their organizations do not have physical security teams configured to work remotely; and they were less inclined to have defining a better cybersecurity strategy as a priority.

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*Source: Genetec