Falconi Consulting launches Corporate Social Responsibility solution

The Falconi consulting firm has just launched its new Corporate Social Responsibility solution to the market, with the aim of helping companies to structure a business model that connects enterprise returns to positive social impact. In a scenario in which large organizations and investment funds have already internalized the need for social responsibility at their business, the theme has become an imperative for increasing competitiveness, as it generates concrete benefits for organizations: whether in better reputation and recognition of brand, increased sales and customer loyalty, easier access to capital or even improving the organizational environment and retaining talent.

Falconi’s  Corporate Social Responsibility solution aligns the organization’s strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and works with clear performance metrics, structured action plans and team development to achieve the proposed results.

The solution is available for the Brazilian and Canadian markets, and behind it there is the credibility of a consulting firm with presence in more than 40 countries and extensive experience in delivering exceptional results for its clients.


Find out more about Falconi’s role in Corporate Social Responsibility at https://digital.falconi.com/responsabilidadesocial

Also visit www.falconi.com to see the entire portfolio of consulting solutions.