Culture without getting off the couch

Virtual tours to Canadian and Brazilian museums are options for traveling safely from home

By Estela Cangerana

From natural beauties to works of art, going through various stages of human history. Museums in Brazil and Canada offer leisure and culture for all tastes. And, if it is not possible to visit them in person for now, we have created a selection of the many options available to be enjoyed right from home, at the touch of a cell phone. Check it out:


  • The Virtual Museum of Canada: On this page managed by the Canadian Museum of History (CMH) with public resources, it is possible to access collections from museums and exhibitions, in unforgettable experiences, from all parts of the country. Just select the option that suits you best. Available at


  • Canadian History Hall: It’s difficult not to be entertained on this page from the Canadian Museum of History, which allows you to literally explore various environments of the physical museum with a 360-degree view. There are several scenes that tourists can visit, in the way and in the order they prefer, including three galleries of Ancient, Colonial and Modern Canada. Just visit


  • Société des musees du Quebec: The Quebec Society of Museums is the gateway to virtual tours to various museums in the province, with even the possibility of guided tours. They are exhibitions of art, history, science and archeology, with 360-degree visits and online collections. Just choose at


  • Cirque du Soleil: One of the most innovative, and at the same time one of the greatest Canadian art traditions, Cirque du Soleil also offers online entertainment on Cirque Connect. In addition to selling tickets (when there are shows) and souvenirs, the site also offers free 60-minute shows to be enjoyed online. At




  • Instituto Ricardo Brennand: The huge collection of Pernambuco’s Ricardo Brennand, an important patron of the arts in Brazil, is located in one of the most modern museological facilities in the country, in a complex that includes the Castelo São João Museum (museum of white weapons), Pinacoteca, library, auditorium, Sculpture Gardens and a gallery for temporary exhibitions and events. To visit during the pandemic, it is worth following the virtual tour, available at


  • Casa Roberto Marinho: Another important figure in the Brazilian cultural scene was the entrepreneur Roberto Marinho. Its opulent collection can be seen at his home in Rio de Janeiro, which offers a vast artistic program. On the website, several videos take the place of in-person visits, not recommended for now, due to the pandemic. At



  • Museu Oscar Niemeyer: The museum named after the most famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niermeyer, mastermind of Brazil’s capital city project and author of iconic works, has a collection of more than 7 thousand works in the areas of visual arts, architecture and design. To get to know the museum and the exhibitions that have been there without leaving home, just access