Comercial Cometa advances in its internationalization proceeding in the steel and metallurgy industries

Comercial Cometa’s internationalization proceeding continues to progress at a rapid pace. The company, which already operates in Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia, now aims at new markets. Created in 1983, Cometa is one of the main Brazilian companies in the supply of ferro alloys and metals for casting, steel, surface treatment in electroplating and hot-dip galvanization, superalloys and thermoplastic resins.

In addition to the already renowned quality of products, the company invests in constant improvements, whether in internal processes or in technical assistance in loco, as some of its great competitive advantages. Cometa maintains three distribution centers in the main Brazilian states which are famous for having steel mill, metallurgical and surface treatment industries in the country: Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. Hence, it manages to be prompt both in customer service and inbound of raw material from local and imported origins (South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa).

The values and commitment of Cometa are portrayed in long and lasting relationships with local and international suppliers, as well as with the most diverse spectrum of size and segment in which its customers operate.

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