Committees 2024: CCBC Focused on the Future!

The nine committees of the Chamber will debate strategic topics in the Brazil-Canada relationship

By Marcel Salim

Always attentive to the various areas of the economy and society, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil Canada (CCBC) regularly brings together its members in sectoral committees to discuss strategic issues, enabling active participation by its members. In 2024, these groups are expected to have a relevant agenda of debate opportunities, some of them already scheduled.

In total, there are nine committees coordinated by the Connection & Relationship Center that hold technical meetings or themed events, generating a productive dialogue that follows the agenda of Brazil and Canada and creates insights that will be valuable in overall decision-making. With this, CCBC understands the needs and concerns of its members and works to provide a better business environment between the two countries.                                                     

“CCBC values its members, understands that content creation must be linked to business development and our committees are the guiding force behind this strategy,” says Ronaldo Ramos, CEO and President of the Executive Board of CCBC.

Below are each of the CCBC committees, their areas of activity and the preliminary schedule of meetings:

Economic Affairs Committee (CAE)

The committee seeks to propose relevant discussion topics related to economic processes and gathers C-Level guests and representatives from Brazilian and Canadian governments. On a monthly basis, the CAE addresses the following subjects: economy; trade; investments; bilateral agreements; multilateral arrangements (OECD, G20, Ottawa Group); and leadership.

Education Committee (CE)

Given that Canada is the main destination for Brazilian students looking for an exchange program, this committee aims to present the most relevant topics related to the field. Among the themes, highlights include study and work opportunities; destinations in Canada; and visa types. The events are scheduled for February and July 2024.

Technology Committee (CT)

This committee works with the goal of connecting the innovation ecosystems of Brazil and Canada, including incubators, accelerators, hubs, universities, government agents, among others. CT is also involved with Canada’s experience with Artificial Intelligence and its developments.

Among the most prominent topics are innovation ecosystems in Brazil and Canada; digital transformation; AI: regulatory framework and governance; framework agreement for cooperation in science, technology and innovation. The 2024 meetings are scheduled for February and September.

Mining Committee  (CM)

This committee brings together key stakeholders in the sector to discuss trends and practices adopted to increase the effectiveness of production and environmental compliance and ESG practices.

The meetings are scheduled for February and August next year. Among the themes highlights include sustainable mining; regulatory issues; and traceability and promotion of the sector’s image.

Investment and Infrastructure Committee  (CII)                                                                                                      

This committee aims to discuss trends in the infrastructure sector in both Brazil and Canada, as well as to analyze the profile of Canadian foreign direct investment (FDI) in this sector in Brazil.

The meetings are expected to take place in March and September 2024. CII covers various topics, including: Smart Cities in Brazil and Canada; investment in the energy sector; contributions to the sanitation sector; and logistics.

Compliance and ESG Committee  (CCE)

This committee aims to be a space for disseminating good business practices on the subject. Given the need for energy transition and the adoption of sustainable policies, the CCE brings the most up-to-date information and different trends for implementing such policies in Brazil and Canada.

The CCE meetings will take place in March and August 2024. The main topics include carbon market regulation; climate change policies; COP29; and compliance.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee  (CDEI)

This committee addresses topics related to the adoption of diversity-oriented practices in the corporate environment, based on the plurality of Brazilian and Canadian societies. Among the main discussions, highlights include race; social orientation; gender identity; nationality and disabilities. The meetings are scheduled for March and November 2024.

Legal Affairs Committee (CAJ)

CAJ aims to be an environment for exchanging expertise in the legal field and debate on the current situation and movements in the legislative scenario that reverberate in the business environment, in addition to the disclosure of bilateral agreements between Brazil and Canada that directly impact trade and economic relations between the two countries.

Topics such as the convention to avoid double taxation between Brazil and Canada, Tax Reform, social security agreement between the two countries, and intellectual property are in focus. Meetings next year are scheduled to take place in April and September.

Health Innovation Committee (CIS) This committee seeks to create a space for showcasing technologies that impact medicine and their development in the sector, as well as regulatory issues. Topics range from biotechnology to health Research & Development and the convergence of sectoral regulatory bodies. The meetings will take place in June and November 2024.