Canada discovers the true value of Brazil’s high-end furniture industry

Home & Design Showcase brought together businesspeople from the sector in Toronto and business is expected to be worth around USD 1,500,000 by 2024

By Deborah Oliveira

The Brazilian furniture sector has never been so close to the Canadian high-end consumer. Leading brands from the country participated in the second edition of the “Brazilian Home & Design Showcase“, which took place last week in Toronto, Canada. The initiative was a partnership between ABIMAD (Brazilian Association of High-Decoration Furniture Industries), CCBC (Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada), the Consulate General of Brazil in Toronto, and Luxus Maison.                                                                               

Brazilian executives from the furniture and decoration sector presented their product lines with the aim of expanding sales and internationalizing their companies, using Canada as a gateway to North America. The estimated business projection for 2024, following this month’s event, is around USD 1,500,000 million – for wholesale and retail imports of furniture and decorative objects.                        

Bridge to success

The first edition of the “Brazilian Home Design Showcase“, named “Salon Brésil Mobilier Haut de Gamme et Design Brésilien“, took place in 2022 in Montreal. “At the time, a small event was held to introduce products to the market, and the result was so promising that the then organizers decided to seek support from CCBC to help expand and give the event a more commercial focus to the event” explains Daniella Leite, CCBC’s business director.

The Brazilian furniture sector has its own peculiarities, both in terms of the quality of its workmanship and raw materials, as well as its unique characteristics, something that certainly fascinates not only Canadians, but the entire North America. Exports continue to thrive, increasingly driving the sector, and the presence of Brazilian and Canadian companies at the event further strengthened the commercial exchange,” emphasizes Daniella.

Major collaboration

The “Brazilian Home Design Showcase” event was attended by the newly-arrived Brazilian Ambassador to Canada, Carlos Alberto França, the Consul-General of Brazil in Toronto, Ambassador Wanja Nóbrega, the Minister-Counselor of the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa, Alexandre de Lima and the Deputy Consul-General of Brazil in Toronto, André Saboya Martins.

“This event is a showcase for the talent, quality, creativity, innovative and sustainable design of the products manufactured by our members. With this exhibition in an international environment, we are able to consolidate our presence in the global market and attract more and more customers, as well as making a significant contribution to promoting Brazil’s image as a country of excellence in the production of high-end furniture and decorative accessories,” highlights Joelma Benkendorf, ABIMAD’s international relations coordinator.

The Canadian side

According to Grazielle Benedetti, CEO of Luxus Maison, the Brazilian Home Design & Showcase provided the opportunity to present Brazil’s exclusive high-end furniture and decorations, allowing potential customers to experience the products first-hand. “This in-person engagement significantly increased awareness, generating enthusiasm among architecture and interior design professionals. Furthermore, this successful event gave us the opportunity to interact with customers, telling the story of the companies and products that were presented to the Canadian market,” she evaluates.

Among the Brazilian companies taking part in this edition, notable ones include: Bel Metais Móveis, Cabanna, Century, CGS Móveis, Döhler Textil, Domum Interiors, Feeling Estofados, Gileno Design, Lazz Interni Móveis ®, Luca Millani ®, Quadrum e Art Estúdio, Rosa Maria Home Decor, St. James Decor, Uultis and Vanessa Lazzari. 

About Luxus Maison

Luxus Maison was created to meet the need to spread recognition of the quality of high-end furniture, art and decoration from Brazil around the world. All collections are carefully selected to highlight exceptional craftsmanship and design expertise, offering elegant, sophisticated and functional pieces. The focus is on incorporating the rich heritage and cultural identity of luxury furniture.Our business philosophy prioritizes honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction, with a dedicated team offering personalized assistance to help clients choose the perfect pieces to enhance their living spaces and create a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere,” explains Grazielle Benedetti, CEO of Luxus Maison.


Founded in May 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs from the furniture sector, ABIMAD (Brazilian Association of High-Decoration Furniture Industries) is a non-profit entity aimed at creating business opportunities for its members through the ABIMAD Fair, which, with 20 years of history, has become the main high-decoration furniture and accessories fair in Latin America and the only one in the sector focused on business. With two annual editions, the fair represents and promotes excellence in design and production of high-quality furniture in Brazil. Comprising renowned companies in the sector, ABIMAD fosters the national and international market, stimulating innovation, creativity and sustainable development, bringing the best of Brazilian design and major international trends. ABIMAD also has three important programs: ABIMAD Export, ABIMAD VIPs and Hall Magazine. Currently, there are 159 furniture and decoration accessory brands associated, from all over Brazil.