CCBC celebrates its 50th anniversary with an eye on the future

CCelebrations reached their peak in September, the month that marks the Chamber’s foundation, but the agenda remains busy in the coming months

By Deborah Oliveira

The year of 2023 is special for the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada as it marks its golden jubilee. To commemorate this milestone, a special program has been organized throughout the year, addressing some of the main sectors and opportunities between Brazil and Canada. It is worth highlighting the three major events commemorating the 50 years, which reflected the expertise honed over time to enhance bilateral relations and culminated in a grand celebration and the launch of a book in September.

The first of these, the Brazil-Canada Economic Forum, took place in June and shed light on the main challenges for business growth between the two countries, emphasizing the importance of negotiations for a free trade agreement between the Mercosur countries and Canada. The potential for business in the areas of food security, energy security and infrastructure set the tone for the event, bringing together leaders from Brazilian and Canadian organizations and companies.

Canada Day took place in July, focusing on the Canadian education ecosystem, introducing Brazilians to the most attractive options for those who want to study, live and experience Canadian culture. The event featured important educational institutions highlighting trends in research, undergraduate, postgraduate and specialization courses, as well as language and short courses.

In September, an agenda related to the latest trends in research in areas as Science and Innovation – such as the use of Artificial Intelligence in business – ESG, Sustainable Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Investments, took place during the Brazil-Canada 2023 Summit. This event brought together Brazilian and Canadian leaders from the public and private sectors for extensive knowledge exchange. The Canadian innovation ecosystem and strategic partnerships between universities, companies and governments were at the center of the debate, along with the relevance of the Canada-Mercosur agreement for the future of business.

The highlight of the 50th anniversary celebrations took place during a grand party that brought together employees, members, government representatives and public and private institutions from both countries in São Paulo on September 19th, the date marking the foundation of CCBC. The celebration featured attractions such as a circus acrobat performance and the “Baile do Simonal”, a band by Brazilian singer Simoninha. During the closing ceremony, the new CCBC book “Brazil-Canada Connection – Memories, Actions and Perspectives” was launched, which presents the evolution and future prospects of various aspects of the bilateral relationship.

Full agenda

All this, however, without neglecting the trade missions carried out every year with the aim of bringing potential business partners closer together.  The agendas of the sectoral committees, periodic networking meetings, participation in trade fairs in both countries, regional actions and engagement with various institutions of interest for the signing of cooperation agreements have also remained intense. CCBC’s activities are evident in agreements of companies in sectors such as education, finance, infrastructure, agribusiness, energy, technology and innovation, culture, gastronomy and social development, with results that reflect the high level of specialization of its employees and partners.

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Highlights of the CCBC 50th Anniversary Party

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