Companies Target Opportunities in Canada’s Billion-Dollar Food Market

The sector is expected to generate US$ 145.4 billion in 2024 and grows, on average, 5% annually with imports from various countries. Brazil’s strategy is to focus on healthy food

By Marcel Salim

The food and beverage market in Canada is experiencing significant growth, with optimistic projections for the coming years. Keeping an eye on opportunities, Brazilian exporters will join the delegation organized by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) participating in Sial, the largest trade fair in the sector in North America, taking place from May 15th to 17th in Montréal.

According to data compiled by Marketline, the food and beverage sector in Canada generated US$ 101.95 billion in 2022, and the expectation is to reach US$ 145.40 billion by the end of 2024. The average annual growth rate is 5.41% between 2024 and 2028, reflecting the positive dynamics of the segment.

The projection for the volume of food sold in the country is expected to reach 28.53 million tons by 2028, with a 3.8% increase already forecast for 2025. This advancement is driven by the diversity of food preferences of Canadian consumers, influenced by the broad range of immigrant origins in the country.

Consumption trends also reflect high purchasing power and a quest for quality by consumers. Products prioritizing sustainability and convenience have gained prominence and are likely to shape the future of Canada’s food market.

Brazil’s Bet

Açaí sorbet, chocolate, coffee, condiments, frozen pulp, sugar, natural energy drinks, nuts, honey and propolis, yerba mate and probiotics, olive oil, grapes, lemon, avocado, ginger, concentrated acerola juice, and beef are among the bets of Brazilian exporters to captivate the Canadian palate.

These products will be featured in the pavilion organized by the CCBC as part of a strategy to foster business with buyers from around the world. Among the participating companies, notable ones include Juçaí, Gaudens, ADKO Indústria, Onniprezensa, Açaí Motion, Floema, Abufari, Lamberhoney, Annora Alimentos, Fazenda Serra dos Tapes, Fazenda Domingos e Rodrigues, Farmer Agrícola, Frutas Agrivale, NutriBotanica, Flor da Aurora, and Tamarindo Melo Carnes Premium, among others.

From Paraná to the world

Invest Paraná, the investment promotion and attraction agency of the State Government of Paraná, is a partner of the CCBC and will participate in Sial for the third time, in addition to already collaborating in joint actions periodically.

“We have excellent products and companies that embody sustainability, quality, and health benefits in their DNA, and therefore we should increasingly elevate our participation in Sial. CCBC has significant expertise in the Canadian market, not only in the food sector but also in other segments of the economy… which creates many opportunities for our local entrepreneurs,” says Giancarlo Rocco, Director of International and Institutional Relations at Invest Paraná.

Tamarindo Melo Carnes Premium, a beef industry specializing in premium breeds and cuts, is one of the Paraná-based companies that will be at Sial. Ana Carolina Melo Matos Carrara, founder of the company based in Londrina (PR), reveals that they recently obtained export certifications for Canada.

“This will be our first participation in the event and the starting point for our export process. We identified that Canada has great potential and high demand for ground beef, and therefore, we are interested in exporting there,” she says.

The entrepreneur emphasizes that the quality of their products is the key differential for entering the international market. “All our meats are premium, from European breeds, early-maturing animals, and follow management practices that respect animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and the high quality standards of the meat. Our expectation is to start exports still in 2024. We are already prepared for it!” she emphasizes.

She also highlighted the importance of having the support of organizations in this internationalization process. “Invest Paraná accelerated our export agreements and CCBC was vital for us to feel the necessary security to execute the operation. Otherwise, we would have to wait between two or three years,” she reveals.

The Northeast region will also be represented

NutriBotanica, a company specializing in the production of concentrated natural ingredients, particularly pulp without the use of contaminants, is capitalizing on a trend gaining momentum in the Canadian market.

The company’s farms boast organic certification and are strategically situated in agricultural areas across the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. The opportunity to export to Canada has piqued the company’s interest.

Market Opening and Business Prospects

In the 2023 edition, Sial drew over 20,000 international buyers who engaged with approximately 1,000 exhibitors from 44 countries, showcasing potential across various segments including fruits, vegetables, beverages, and meats.

The CCBC initiative for 2024 extends beyond the trade fair. Dozens of pre-scheduled business roundtable meetings with buyers, technical visits, and networking events are also planned.

“Canada is considered a major hub and showcase for other markets, and the Brazil-Canada relationship has never been stronger. Trade balance numbers already indicate that the time is ripe for Brazilian producers to establish new agreements and partnerships with foreign buyers,” says Ronaldo Ramos, President of the Executive Board and CEO of CCBC.