BR Lingo expands service portfolio in Canada

Founded in 2011, BR Lingo, a company specializing in localization and translation projects for web data and products with a focus on English and Brazilian Portuguese, has just broadened its service portfolio to include English and French in Canada.

“Our work involves not only technical aspects but also meticulous attention to the nuances of the English and French languages, covering everything from grammar to punctuation, slang, and considerations related to culture, which vary in each of the countries where these languages are spoken,” explains Victor Figueiredo, CEO and founder of BR Lingo, now a Canadian company.

Figueiredo explains that the partnership with CCBC was strategic for expanding BR Lingo’s work in Canada due to the company’s need to collaborate with local professionals who are native speakers and possess in-depth knowledge of the language and its nuances. “For each project, different teams are assembled according to the delivery requirements. Recently, for the translation of 200 entries for an app store, BR Lingo collaborated with five people for translations in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French,” he clarifies.

Figueiredo is optimistic and believes that there is great potential for business growth in BR Lingo’s area of operation. “The trend is towards growth because in an interconnected and digitalized world, people are increasingly interested in experiencing the culture of other countries authentically, and language, with all its peculiarities, makes that possible”, he says.

Operating in various sectors, from the digital realm, including software, websites and apps, BR Lingo also works with educational materials for the legal area and provides translations for product packaging and user manuals. Among its standout products is Ulysses, Apple’s writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone, winner of the Apple Design Award.

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*Source: BR Lingo