Missions 2024: explore the opportunities in Canada

Brazilian entrepreneurs from different sectors and segments can now enroll in the trade visits scheduled by CCBC for next year

By Marcel Salim

The Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) will be promoting several missions to Canada over the course of 2024 to connect Brazilian executives to the Canadian business environment. The aim is to stimulate knowledge exchange and business rounds so that companies can not only export their products, but also internationalize.

The trade missions will commence from March onwards and will include technical visits to companies, innovation hubs, government agencies, participation in trade fairs, scheduling B2B meetings, academic programs and networking events in different cities across Canada, including Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

2024 Schedule                                                                                                                                                 

Check out some of the trade missions below and make sure you take part:

Mining | March 03 – 06, 2024

Recommended for: executives, board members and managers of companies in the mining sector in Brazil, as well as government representatives.

Learn from Canada’s mining market experience. With decades of expertise, the country is a center of knowledge and innovation in the industry. Gain valuable insights into sustainability, technology and best practices, driving your business towards success in mining.
Food and Beverage | May 15 – 17, 2024

Recommended for: producers, representatives of Brazilian brands and associations in the food and beverage sector.

Conquer the taste buds of Canadian consumers with food and beverage exports. Take your production of Brazilian flavors to the Canadian market and seize business opportunities. Enjoy the growing appetite for high quality products and have an international experience.
Creativity and Business | May 2024 (dates to be determined)

Recommended for: executives, board members, managers and partners seeking inspiration for the future of their businesses.

Awaken your creativity and do business in Canada. Canada’s innovative environment provides the perfect setting for turning your ideas into successful ventures. Discover the power of creativity and conquer the Canadian market.                                                                
Management and Business | August 25 – 31, 2024

Recommended for: C-Levels, executives, managers and leaders.

The Brazil-Canada Executive Education will be an exclusive corporate management experience. A set of theories and practical learning at McGill University, one of the most respected Canadian universities in the world education rankings. In 5 days of immersion, you will engage with various managerial aspects.                                               
Health-Hospital Innovation | September/October 2024 (dates to be determined)

Recommended for: hospital managers, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Visits to Canadian hospitals and healthcare innovation centers allow these professionals and managers to visualize the main technological trends and cutting-edge management practices to apply in their hospitals in Brazil.
Alcoholic Beverages | October 2024 (dates to be determined)

Recommended for: producers, representatives of alcoholic beverage brands and sector associations interested in expanding their sales to Canada.

An opportunity to initiate or increase the export of alcoholic beverages to Canada during a week of on-site immersion in different provinces, technical visits to points of sale, meetings with potential Canadian buyers and tasting events.


Access the complete schedule on the website https://materiais.ccbc.org.br/missoes