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Accounting, taxation and other services for foreign companies


BPC Partners focuses on accounting, taxation and employee payroll services, supporting foreign-owned companies operating in Brazil. One of the most common situations that their teams live in is to explain to financial directors abroad the peculiarities of the Brazilian tax system, directing how these clients, who as a rule do not speak Portuguese, can adapt to a complex scenario.


The explanation is facilitated by the experience of the company’s founder, Arnaud Bleuez. He has already seen closely the markets of Brazil, where he served as CFO of BNP Paribas bank; France, UK and USA. Thanks to this comprehensive vision, Bleuez can translate like no one the nuances of the national tax system to the financial directors who live abroad.


BPC also provides assistance to companies established in the country and offers services such as legal representation, auditing, financial consulting and due diligence. This is the second consecutive year that the company is a member of CCBC. “In addition to access to important market research, this contact with the entity facilitates the relationship with potential clients and the law community, including the tax area”, said Sylvain Grosset, sales director of BPC.


A book to understand the Brazilian tax system


Arriving in Brazil, Frenchman Arnaud Bleuez felt the difficulties of a tax system that is among the most complex in the world – the country ranks 177th in a study among 189 nations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


From there came the idea of research turned into a didactic work, which translates to foreign entrepreneurs and CFOs concepts such as taxation regimes and the calculation of taxes, in lessons illustrated in a practical way. His book, published in 2010, reached the fifth edition in 2017.


Brazilian Taxes for Legal Entities – What you need to know
Author: Arnaud Bleuez

Page: 200

Download the free English version on the BPC website: