Back to School at UCW

Since its spread, in early 2020, the new coronavirus pandemic has had a huge disruptive effect on students around the world, who have had their classes suspended due to the health safety protocols adopted by many governments. In Canada it was no different, with distance learning models replacing face-to-face teaching. But now, as vaccination progresses in the country, the University Canada West (UCW) is already preparing for a full return to classes at its campus, located in Vancouver (British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast), in the second half of this year.

This return plan has been carefully planned by UCW, in conjunction with health authorities and the provincial government of British Columbia. In this way, the Vancouver House Campus will be able to welcome back the university’s students from October 2021, always following to the letter all safety protocols, for the protection of both students and staff.

Recognized as a leading university in the areas of business and technology, with undergraduate and graduate MBA programs, UCW was ranked, in 2021, as one of Canada’s top ten universities with online classes, and first among the top universities issuing Study Permits in the country.

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*Source: UCW