Air Canada launches call back system

Air Canada has launched a new way to speed up customer service. The call back system makes it possible for passengers to choose whether they would like an airline agent to return their call or to continue waiting in the queue for a call that exceeds two minutes. While the customer selects the option, the call continues in the same position – i.e. the place in the queue will always be the same. Therefore, if the customer’s turn comes before the end of the call back appointment, they do not have to hang up, but will be immediately attended to by an Air Canada agent.

If you continue the call back system, after you have finished the setup by entering your phone number with the country and area codes, the customer will be informed that the airline will call you back as soon as an agent is available. When it is his turn in the queue, the system will initiate a new call to the phone number he has entered. Three attempts will be made, and the estimated time between each is approximately five minutes.

“Air Canada’s proposal is to invest more and more in the quality of customer service. For this reason, we offer free calls from all over Brazil and we try to optimize our customers’ time, avoiding them to wait on the line for a long time”, says the general director of Air Canada in Brazil, Giancarlo Takegawa.

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*Source: Air Canada