Copap launches Ossiano Capital

Copap – a company based in Montreal, but founded in Brazil in the late 1980s – has been offering companies that operate in foreign trade the possibility to anticipate their receivables, enabling them to maintain a more balanced cash position. And now, marking its 33rd anniversary, the company is launching Ossiano Capital, which will operate in the supply chain solutions (SCS) segment. In this way, Copap – which has been operating in the SCS market since 2017 – will be able to have a more effective presence in this sector, bringing to customers its expertise in united financial services to customers.

Present in import and export operations in the segments of paper and cellulose, petrochemical products and, more recently, cosmetics, Copap currently also operates in the USA and in the Middle East, besides all of Latin America. The company acts as an intermediary in foreign trade: as soon as buyer and seller agree on the terms of the operation, Copap acquires the merchandise and resells it to the importer, allowing the latter to pay according to its needs – including in its own currency.

According to Copap’s managing director, Cássio Calil, the fact that banking institutions are becoming less interested in foreign trade financing for small and medium-sized companies has enabled the company to expand its activities. Since 2017, when it started its operations in the area of SCS for companies in Brazil and other Latin American countries, the volume of financing has grown 400%. “We have the desire to fill a vacuum in the market regarding import and export operations for small and medium-sized companies in Brazil and Latin America,” he says.

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*Source: Copap