72% of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 79 have more coffee than water

Mission Coffee, organized by CCBC, promotes a curious approach. It is the meeting of one of the ten largest drink consumer markets, Canada, with the world’s largest grain exporter, Brazil. In 2019 the event reaches its sixth edition.


One of the highlights of the trip is the participation of Brazilian exporters in a booth at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show in Toronto, the main event of the industry in the country. The booth will have a space for buyers to taste the product (the known cupping), for exporters to present news, to make contacts, for meetings and new business, always with the support of the CCBC.

Coffee is the most popular drink among Canadians from 18 to 79 years old. Among this public, 72% consume more coffee than water. The market is expected to grow at an average of 3% per year between 2019 and 2022, reaching $ 1.6 billion. In 2018, Canada was the seventh largest importer of Brazilian coffee.


Taking advantage of the third wave: special coffees

The third wave of coffee is part of a new era; one where consumers don’t see coffee as just a breakfast ingredient.


People want to know the origin of the grain, its planting conditions, and roasting processes. The drink, as well as the still cachaça or craft beer, becomes a product to be enjoyed. And drinking coffee becomes an experience with a diversity of labels and flavors.


“As the third wave of coffee is very strong in Canada, we are focusing on small roasters and coffee shops that work with specialty coffees,” says Armínio Calonga, from CCBC Business Development. He says the mission is also focused on the green coffee, which accounts for the most immediate sale.


The Coffee Mission will also have technical visits in Toronto and Montreal and will be held from September 21 to 26. Registration is open until August 30. Contact CCBC to secure your spot.


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Arminio Calonga Jr.

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Canadian Coffee & Tea Show

Aimed at coffee shop and restaurant owners, food service operators, distributors, franchise operators, and buyers from all sectors of the industry. Date: September 22 and 23.