Technology Committee’s plans for your company to gain competitiveness

In the corporate world, one no longer wonders if a company invests in technology. The real question is: at what digital transformation stage is your company now? Amid the growing flow of data, technology is no longer a problem just for Apple or Microsoft engineers. It is an issue that impacts all companies. It is an item on the agenda for organizations of all sizes that wish to survive for years to come. And, as competitiveness is a theme that mobilizes CCBC, the Chamber’s Technology Committee has taken on the mission of supporting members on this ever-changing journey.

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How the Canadian Consul General in São Paulo helped strengthen CCBC

The Canadian Consul General in São Paulo, Stéphane Larue, says goodbye after six years in the city. Married to a Brazilian, he learned how to make feijoada and was fell in love with the pork sandwich from the traditional Estadão bar downtown. This proximity to the local culture was also reflected in his activities at the Consulate. In addition to the strong partnership with CCBC, Larue will leave other important legacies, such as his participation in the Chamber revitalization.

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From coffee trade to weekends at the park, an increasingly international Chamber

Business meetings traditionally start with some coffee. And even though we are not able to offer a coffee cup to the reader through this article, the best way to start reading this text is by talking about the most famous of the Brazilian beans. Coffee, however, is just one of several attractions that Brazilians and Canadians have tasted and can still taste in September in Canada: from integration activities for the Brazilian community at the Berge des Coursiers Park in Montreal to business opportunities at the sixth edition of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Mission.

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Platform prepares free mentoring services for startups

The number of Brazilian startups has more than doubled since 2012, reaching 6,000 companies last year, according to the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups). In a sector that moves billions of dollars worldwide and given the dream of launching the next revolutionary idea, no one wants to be alone. Entrepreneurs, technology companies, business people willing to invest in new projects, suppliers. Connection Bureau was designed to bring these players closer together, and it is now working on an expansion of its services.

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From cocoa to startups, the road shows to promote the Brazil-Canada relationship

The largest chocolate market event in Brazil, Chocolat Bahia 2019 was held at a Convention Center about 10 minutes’ walk from Bar Vesúvio in Ilhéus (BA). In the famous redoubt cited in Jorge Amado’s work, Gabriela prepared her delicious dishes for Nacib’s Arab clientele. But at CCBC, the story has another protagonist: the “fruit of the gods,” as Swedish scientist Carl von Linnaeus dubbed cocoa, in honor of cultures that considered it a gift from the gods.

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Ultra-qualified salesforce for international business expansion

Amir Hoffmann self-identified as a sales executive and technology evangelist. Now 46, by the time he was 30, he had traveled to over 70 countries, always to participate in work meetings or to train teams at multinationals like IBM, Nextel, and AT&T. HCS Sales was born from this experience, a company whose global profile matches that of its founder, and which now expands its operations to Latin America and starts to encourage new businesses between Brazilian and Canadian companies.

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Tips and ideas for Canadian brands to communicate better with Brazilians

The text you are reading now was born globalized. One of the partners of the communication company Oficina das Palavras, Ana Paula Ruschel, was in Guimarães, Portugal. Eight thousand kilometers away, in Itajaí (SC), was one of the company’s publishers, Patrícia Wippel. And the reporter writing this piece to you is in the capital city of the State of São Paulo. In a lively phone conversation that lasted about an hour, several themes were talked about. We talked about Pope Francis, Beto Carrero, and even a Maracatu folk group in Toronto. All this was gathered under one umbrella theme: the importance of communication for companies.

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Import and export made easier by international business facilitator

The Brazil/Canada relationship offers strong opportunities in industries such as technology or food and beverage. But existing opportunities is not enough to allow one to take advantage of this hot market; organizations need to be prepared to break new ground by reducing costs and increasing the chances of their products succeeding abroad. And that’s where the purpose of Munditrade came to life. More than providing support in import and export operations, the company is an international business facilitator.

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