Towards PDAC

CCBC prepares a Brazilian mission to the largest world event in the mining sector, which will be held in person in June this year

By Sérgio Siscaro

After two years, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) is organizing another mission of Brazilian entrepreneurs to the annual event of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) – considered the largest and most complete in the mining sector in the world, and which this year takes place from June 13 to 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto. This edition marks the return of the face-to-face edition, since the 2021 PDAC was held virtually, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently, the mining sector is one of the most prominent on the bilateral agenda between Brazil and Canada. According to the Quick Trade Facts (QTF), a study developed by CCBC based on trade balance data, throughout 2021 there was a 9% growth in total sales of ores from Brazil to Canada – which totaled US$ (FOB) 3.653 billion. This amount corresponded to 74.47% of total Brazilian exports to the Canadian market throughout the year.

The main products sold last year included calcined alumina; silicon; cast iron, iron and steel; and mineral fuels and oils, particularly calcined and uncalcined petroleum coke and kerosene. Exports of bullion doré, which is raw gold, smelted without having gone through a refinement or industrialization process, also continued to occupy a prominent position.

With the aim of transforming Brazilian participation into a window for doing business, the program prepared by the CCBC includes not only visiting the PDAC, but also participating in a seminar on investments at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX); discussions on sustainability in mining operations; and holding meetings with potential business partners, among other activities.

A representative of the Chamber will accompany the delegation throughout the visit, in order to provide support and facilitate contacts with local companies. In addition, the CCBC team in Brazil will be remotely on hand to contribute to the success of the mission.

More information about the PDAC event can be accessed at

Sustainability in mining

Last year, the participation of the CCBC’s Brazilian mission in the PDAC took place through virtual communication tools since travel to Canada was subject to health restrictions. The event brought together investors, analysts, sector executives and government representatives, among other audiences, in a virtual way. And, in addition to topics such as investments, capital market, exploration perspectives and global trends, the event also addressed issues more related to sustainability in mining activities – such as the relationship with indigenous communities and the impacts brought by Covid-19.

Aware of the importance of sustainability, CCBC promoted, together with the Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian government in Brazil, a webinar through which Brazilian companies in the sector were able to learn more about the clean technology solutions for mining that are being developed – and used successfully – in Canada. Held in October, the event also presented the activities of the Chamber’s Mining Commission to the participants. “Its objective is to be a forum for discussion and interaction between these companies together with representatives of governments, governmental and sectorial agencies, from both countries. Good practices from Brazil and Canada are shared, challenges are identified, and joint actions are established for the sector”, said the director of Institutional Relations of the CCBC, Paulo de Castro Reis.