With its sights abroad, Braccor restructures processes

The foreign market opportunities opened up for Brazilian producers are quite attractive. However, it is necessary for potential exporters to prepare themselves to serve clients from other countries competitively and successfully. This was the case of Agropecuária Accorsi, which promoted the restructuring of its production process with the purpose of exporting limes to the international market.

This is how the project of Braccor Fruit Exports (as the company now calls itself) united the sustainable production of lemons with the use of technologies in the processing of the fruit, thus making possible the meticulous selection of the products to be exported. The company also invested in machinery, in addition to incorporating a cold chamber for storing up to 17 pallets and hiring specialized labor.

Started in September 2020, the project will be finalized this month, with the GlobalGap/Grasp certificate, a document that attests to the adoption of good practices in the cultivation, processing, and storage of the fruit, in addition to also addressing the social aspects of the workers involved in the production chain.

More information at www.braccor.com.br

*Source: Braccor