Ultra-qualified salesforce for international business expansion

Amir Hoffmann self-identified as a sales executive and technology evangelist. Now 46, by the time he was 30, he had traveled to over 70 countries, always to participate in work meetings or to train teams at multinationals like IBM, Nextel, and AT&T. HCS Sales was born from this experience, a company whose global profile matches that of its founder, and which now expands its operations to Latin America and starts to encourage new businesses between Brazilian and Canadian companies.

HSC Sales connects high-qualified professionals to international companies. These professionals, usually outsourced, make up a selected salesforce under Hoffmann’s careful eye and are referred to the companies according to the profile desired for each project. The companies can use the team to sell in companies where they do not have a fixed address yet, among other advantages. The strategy is ideal for starting expansion projects.

“The HCS concept is not limited by geography. First, we focus on finding the right profiles in a region and then prospecting clients. This process works quite well. For instance, one company uses our services in seven different countries,” says the executive, who has promoted courses and lectures for more than 7 thousand managers of all levels in the cities he has visited.

Another benefit of outsourcing is the quick replacement of a professional if the project profile changes at some point or if the professional does not adapt to a particular job. HCS Sales has agile hiring processes, gives you access to a unique record of senior résumés, and is purely sales-focused. “We operate as a hub where our more than 100 partners exchange leads, contacts, and experiences, opening an even more effective path to increasing their productivity,” explains Hoffmann.

HCS Sales partners focus on Information Technology. As this is an area present in several sectors, the company serves a portfolio of diversified industries such as automotive, insurance, and telecommunications. Its salesforce markets business equipment and software, including Business Support System software, Operational Support System, Mobile Advertisement, Mobile Payment, and more.

The benefits of the Brazil-Canada relationship

Hoffmann believes in Brazil’s potential as an excellent gateway to HCS Sales in Latin America. The idea is to reach Canadian companies operating in the country and Brazilian companies operating in Canada. The arrival of HCS Sales is being led by advisory Lara Dubugras, with solid experience in international sales management and business development.

In Hoffmann’s opinion, several North America-based companies, including in Canada, offer technologies and services that are generally well-received in other countries. His goal now is to help these companies expand into a new market. “There is a high demand for technology products in Brazil, which is undergoing an interesting expectation of economic recovery,” Lara adds.

The recent partnership with CCBC was suggested by the advisory. “In this relationship with the Chamber, we hope to expand our networking, make HCS Sales better known, and identify companies that can benefit from our services, approaches, and visions,” says Hoffmann.