Technology Committee’s plans for your company to gain competitiveness

In the corporate world, one no longer wonders if a company invests in technology. The real question is: at what digital transformation stage is your company now? Amid the growing flow of data, technology is no longer a problem just for Apple or Microsoft engineers. It is an issue that impacts all companies. It is an item on the agenda for organizations of all sizes that wish to survive for years to come. And, as competitiveness is a theme that mobilizes CCBC, the Chamber’s Technology Committee has taken on the mission of supporting members on this ever-changing journey.

But what is digital transformation? In the words of Carine Cardoso, the Committee coordinator, is how a company can “monetize its data.” It’s strategies and technologies that enable a company to use business data to drive processes at impressive speeds, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Depending on how a company innovates, it can have such huge impacts that its competitors cannot compete. Hence the importance of following technology debates and, as much as possible, updating their operations. “Boa Vista, a credit analysis database specialist, has implemented a CPF verification system that reduced the analysis time from seven days to two seconds,” says Carine. “How can a competitor compete if it does not follow this evolution?”

She points out that big banks have also felt the effect of digital competition. Bradesco itself launched Next two years ago, a digital bank that embodies a new culture of financial consumption and relationships, based on the fintechs model. At CCBC, the idea of the Technology Committee is to listen to the market itself to meet its needs, according to Carine.

“We are open to suggestions from companies, we have scheduled events. The idea is to democratize access to information and new possibilities. The Commission receives organizations from all segments, not only from the technology sector,” she says. The most recent project is Inspiration, a debate cycle whose first edition was held in late August. On the occasion, the inspiring talk was given by Tamires Corrêa, Founder of BrainTechnology, who presented an overview of neuroscience technologies.

Connection Bureau: free networking and mentoring for startups

Another front of the CCBC Technology Committee is the group’s incentive to use the Connection Bureau, a Chamber matchmaking and new business platform focused on the startup ecosystem. A mentoring session will be included in the platform where seasoned market professionals provide the members with tips and guidance. The service is free.

Check out some of the main technology events in the country where the Chamber will be present, promoting knowledge, networking, and new business. Find out more:

Connected Smart Cities – September 17 and 18 in São Paulo

In the fifth year of the partnership between CCBC and Connected Smart Cities, the Chamber brings to the event Canadian citizen Scott Stewart, CEO of IBI Group, a leading technology-focused design company specializing in smart cities and technology application in large urban centers. The theme of his lecture, which will take place on the first day of the event, is “The challenge of reducing disparities and bringing people together in the cities.”

New technologies and design projects to optimize hospital activities – September 16 at CCBC

The Health Innovation Committee will gather representatives from hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare companies to discuss technological innovations and smart projects that bring integration and optimizations to hospital activities, bringing benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. One of the main attractions are lectures by Canadian designer Scott Stewart, a smart design expert, and Celso Azevedo, co-founder and partner of Data H Artificial Intelligence.

New technologies and their impacts on hospital activities and other health services – September 18 in Curitiba

At this event, whose aim is to discuss the effects that the hospital environment and the technologies used have on patients’ well-being, CCBC once again brings Scott Stewart, this time to speak at the “Innovations and their impacts on the hospital sector” panel.  This event will also feature presentations by CCBC itself, the Paraná Development Agency, the State of Paraná Federation of Hospitals and Healthcare Services Establishments (FEHOSPAR), the law firm in the area, Correa de Castro, and four startups whose technologies are applied to the health sector.