CCBC event presents debates and cases that highlight the importance of smart cities policies in Brazil.

On June 20, the CCBC held an event on the Smart Cities theme. The Toronto Foundation’s experience in implementing smart city policies, the ISO methodology for Smart Cities and the Connected Smart Cities Ranking were presented. The CSC Ranking seeks to map the cities with the highest development potential in Brazil with up to 50 thousand inhabitants – approximately 700 Brazilian municipalities, representing 80% of the national GDP. “We offer tools for City Halls to develop strategies that improve the quality of life in cities”, says Willian Rigon, director and research developer at Urban Systems, the company that signs the project.

Among the initiatives and work of the CCBC to foster relations among countries linked to the Smart Cities theme is support for the actions of the Connected Smart Cities, a project involving companies, entities and governments with the mission to find the DNA of innovation for the construction of more intelligent, humane and sustainable cities. In order to exchange knowledge in the area, the Chamber promotes the arrival of major Canadian speakers, experts in the environment, energy generation, connectivity and mobility. For the fourth consecutive year, the CCBC will support the Connected Smart Cities event, which will take place September 4 and 5 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center.