Platform prepares free mentoring services for startups

The number of Brazilian startups has more than doubled since 2012, reaching 6,000 companies last year, according to the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups). In a sector that moves billions of dollars worldwide and given the dream of launching the next revolutionary idea, no one wants to be alone. Entrepreneurs, technology companies, business people willing to invest in new projects, suppliers. Connection Bureau was designed to bring these players closer together, and it is now working on an expansion of its services.

Members who wish to mentor startups will soon be able to sign up for the platform. The idea, on the one hand, is to increase visibility for mentors in the high-tech market. On the other hand, it is to create bonds with new companies and encourage them to seek creative solutions for society, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Mentoring will be offered free of charge and will cover several areas such as Law and Management.

What’s new about the Connection Bureau is that, inspired by the dynamics of social media, the platform will become much more interactive. Previously private posts may be published in public mode as well, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences on the network that connects the Brazilian and Canadian markets. Besides, people will be able to attach documents, photos, and videos to messages. There will also be an area for long articles and content.

The Connection Bureau platform is free and open to members and non-members of CCBC.