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2nd edition of the Canada Day CCBC Online Festival tripled the number of registrants compared to its previous edition and set a record in visits to the event’s website

By Estela Cangerana

The agenda of the second edition of the Canada Day CCBC Online Festival attracted more than 3,000 people to the 11 virtual debate sessions, which took place between June 28 and July 2, 2021. This amount of registrants is three times higher than the 1,000 of 2020., The number of visitors at the festival’s official website, which offered special content related to the Canadian  culture, leisure, gastronomy, sports, and education, , jumped from 5 thousand last year to 13 thousand in this edition.

The wide public coverage was also remarkable, revealing the expressiveness of the festival in both countries. In Brazil, the regional reach covered the 27 states of the national territory, and in Canada, it reached 9 of the 10 provinces. The variety of themes, and of lecturers as well, strongly contributed to such a significant result. There were 42 speakers, who participated from different regions and sectors. The number of attendees  following the live presentations reached a pick of  490 people in one session.

For the first time, the priority sector of each province and region were explored, such as the energy transition and the development of Artificial Intelligence in Alberta,  technologies applied to the agricultural segment in Manitoba and British Columbia, and innovation in the healthcare sector  in Quebec.

Traditional sectors  of the Brazil-Canada bilateral relationship were also successfully addressed. Education, immigration, and business opportunities in Canada were presented in several sessions throughout most days of the festival. The many opportunities brought up by the panelists included in the provinces of British Columbia, Nova Scotia,  Quebec, among others.

There was no shortage of a session, of course, on the incredible experiences offered by the many Canada’s tourist attractions. The country is full of natural beauty, art, history, culture, and traditions, in both winter and summer, all of them covered by touristic activities.

Solid diplomatic bilateral relations

The Canada Day CCBC Online Festival has been organized by CCBC since 2020 and gather together the Brazilian and Canadian communities to celebrate Canada Day, one of the most significant dates on this country’s calendar. The event is celebrated every July 1st and recalls the consolidation of the nation. In 2021, the celebration took on an even more important meaning, as it is precisely the year in which the two great nations also celebrate 80 years of diplomatic relations.