Exeo Attorneys in the fight against Covid-19

The extremely fast spread of the new coronavirus has led to the need, on the part of governments, companies, and individuals, to be constantly informed about the most recent developments regarding this health crisis. In this context, easy access to information is vital. For this same reason, the Canadian Exeo Attorneys’ team is now providing regular briefings to its clients, partners, and collaborators, on the measures being taken in relation to the pandemic, in Canada and U.S., especially those concerning the movement of international travelers, both workers and immigrants.

For instance, such intensive monitoring is vital for anyone who seeks information on how Covid-19 has affected immigration policies to Canada. And there is growing interest in the topic: so much so that, in a matter of months, the traffic on Exeo Attorneys’ website has increased by 217%, and its teams are being invited by commercial associations to address the current situation.

Further information: https://www.exeo.ca,   https://www.exeo.ca/faq/coronavirus-travel-advice-usa-canada e https://www.exeo.ca/blog

*Fonte: Exeo Attorneys