Dan Kraft and David Carvalho, from Kraft Advogados, launch book on the impact of the pandemic on business law

The world was perplexed by the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, which slowed economic activity and impacted companies of all categories. The new reality has also led to new laws and regulations, with consequences for ongoing cycles. In order to understand – and especially explain – to business owners the changes in legislation and their relationship with business, lawyers Dan Kraft and David Carvalho, the two main partners of Kraft Advogados, invited more than 60 authors to compose the work O Direito dos Negócios na Era Pós Covid-19 (The Business Law in the Post-Covid 19 Era).

The book, launched in September in Brazil, is part of the continued editorial project of the two lawyers and their associates, in line with the technical scope of the work developed at the firm, founded in 1999 and which operates in national and international businesses. Both Kraft (who lives in Canada) and Carvalho (in Brazil) also have careers dedicated to legal education at law schools and business schools.

More information at http://kraft.adv.br/por/