Chelles & Hayashi Design presents the Quoreone heart monitor

The design office Chelles & Hayashi has just developed the Quoreone, a portable heart monitor, for exams that can be done quickly, or in periods of up to a week, from the patient’s office or home, with real-time information and use of Artificial Intelligence, which analyzes data and identifies anomalies early. The product, created for the manufacturer Quoretech, was launched on the market last August and promises to reduce the time between diagnosis and medical action in cardiovascular diseases.

The solution allows patients to have access to the best technology for detecting heart risks without having to undergo complex exams in hospitals or hospitalization. Its design favors comfort for both, men, and women, and features a geometry that makes it discreet for use under the blouse.  The Quoreone also has an alarm button to inform events, which can trigger a central, when set up to connect to an available network.

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