Custom packaging

By Sérgio Siscaro

Operating in international markets is not a simple task. One aspect that may be ignored by beginning exporters is the adequacy of the packaging of their products – which must not only follow the legal rules of the importing country, but also meet the expectations of its potential consumer public – which involves not only accurate information, but cultural issues as well. In the case of a country like Canada, which is made up of provinces that have their own characteristics, the challenge is even greater. 

Due to that, Chelles & Hayashi Design has focused its attention for two decades on developing packaging for the cosmetics, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, devices, utensils and appliances markets, in order to make them more appropriate to the market they are intended for.

Besides design, the company also offers support in regulatory issues, develops innovation and structure projects, provides support for communication actions in social networks, and provides consulting in environmental impact reduction, sustainability solutions and circular economy, among other services. 

Chelles & Hayashi Design is launching in August this year a specific support service for the development or adaptation of packaging for Brazilian companies interested in entering the Canadian market, as well as Canadians who want to place their products in Brazil. 

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*Source: Chelles & Hayashi Design