Data Analysis in Mining

By Sérgio Siscaro

A characteristic shared by companies from the most different industries is the need for accurate data that allows for agility in the process of making operational, tactical and strategic decisions. In the mining industry it could be no different, given the complexities of this activity: large volumes of information, geographic dispersion, and a high volume of processes between the initial inference of the ore body and the final sale of the product. 

QDOIS Data Intelligence, a company specialized in data management and solutions development, has just implemented data analytics tools for Aura Minerals, a multinational mid-tier company operating in gold and copper production, with presence in Brazil, USA, Honduras and Mexico. With shares traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Aura needed to visualize and analyze the indicators of its operations, standardizing them across its various operations and enabling instant access by its senior executives.

After a broad diagnosis of the situation, QDOIS Data Intelligence proposed a solution based on three axes (business consulting, technology and data lake, and business intelligence consulting). A centralized database was developed, as well as the integration of previously dispersed information, developing standards and templates, and implementing Power BI dashboards, which enable navigation of Aura’s several stakeholders, among other initiatives. 

As a result, it was possible to reduce the vulnerability of the mining company’s data, in addition to obtaining intelligence gains in process management, and increasing the value of the data to the business. 

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*Source: QDOIS Data Intelligence