CCBC Announces Full Schedule of Events for 2024

Check out the program that will boost bilateral business between Brazil and Canada

By Marcel Salim

After celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) is now heading towards its next 50 years and has just released an intense and immersive schedule of events for 2024. The goal is to kick off this new cycle on a high note.

The already planned actions will feature a diverse agenda with relevant topics for various sectors of the economy, both in Brazil and Canada. CCBC’s objective, in addition to continuing to promote and strengthen commercial relations between entrepreneurs and executives from both countries, is to maintain initiatives that encourage knowledge exchange.

The events in 2024 will take place both in person and virtually or in a hybrid format (many of them are even free to reach a broader audience and attract new participants). The initiatives will also include trade missions to Canada, which are essential to bring Brazilian and Canadian entrepreneurs closer together, as well as to promote the internationalization of companies.

In the 2024 schedule, successful events that have established themselves in previous years will continue, this time with even more energy and distinguished guests! They are:

CCBC Happy Hour | Cultivating Connections (In-Person Event)
The meeting aims to promote networking and experiences among CCBC members and special guests, aiming to foster relationships and create new professional connections. The events are scheduled for January, May, August, and December this year.
Brazil-Canada Economic Forum (Hybrid Event)
This major event, scheduled for June, aims to address opportunities, impacts, and trends in the economic relationship between Brazil and Canada. Renowned and influential executives in the field will present content and showcase successful case studies, making the discussed topics tangible. Among the discussions, there will be a focus on macroeconomics and international trade, highlighting impacts, trends, and opportunities in the economic relationship between the two countries, as well as an analysis of cooperation and opportunities to increase productivity for the advancement of economic flow.
Canada Day (Virtual Event)
The 3rd edition of Canada Day, an initiative close to the hearts of those looking to live and study in Canada, will take place in July. It will bring together colleges and universities from Canadian provinces to showcase study and specialization opportunities for Brazilian students and executives. Event sponsors will have a 30-minute slot to present content and interact with participants, addressing questions and connecting with qualified and interested executives and students.
Brazil-Canada Summit (Hybrid Event)
Scheduled for October, this major initiative by CCBC aims to rethink and transform the future of business with cross-cutting topics across various sectors, such as investment, innovation, ESG, sustainable economy, decarbonization, and people. Among the attendees will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, the Vice President of Brazil and Minister of Economic Development, Geraldo Alckmin, as well as leaders from relevant sectors of the economy, including Canadian and Brazilian entrepreneurs.
SP Elevator Pitch (In-Person Event)
A live event in December that will select startups from various sectors to pitch their ideas to Brazilian and Canadian judges, addressing current topics in innovation and technology.

CCBC Chapters Calendar

The main objective of CCBC Chapters is to exchange insights on macroeconomics and international trade, highlighting impacts, trends, and opportunities in the economic relationship between the two countries, as well as information related to the strong sectors in each state. They are present in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), and Brasília (DF).

Check out the complete calendar of CCBC events.

Trade Missions

CCBC conducts an average of eight trade missions from Brazil to Canada each year, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, food and beverages, mining, Industry 4.0, smart cities, innovation in healthcare and medical-hospital systems, clean technologies, energy transition, and even the creative economy.

For 2024, the expectation is for an even more intense schedule of meetings. “These are unique opportunities in which Brazilian entrepreneurs receive all the assistance and support they need to internationalize their businesses, as well as use Canada as a gateway to products in North America, Europe, and even Asia,” emphasizes Daniella Leite, Director of Associates and New Business at CCBC.

Below are some highlights of CCBC trade missions:

Mining | March 3-6, 2024

Recommended for: executives, advisors, and managers of mining companies in Brazil, as well as government representatives.

Learn from the Canadian mining market’s experience. With decades of expertise, the country is a hub of knowledge and innovation in the industry. Gain valuable insights into sustainability, technology, and best practices, driving your mining business towards success.
Food and Beverages | May 15-17, 2024

Recommended for: producers, representatives of Brazilian brands, and associations in the food and beverage sector in general.

Capture the taste buds of Canadian consumers with the export of food and beverages. Bring your Brazilian flavors to the Canadian market and seize business opportunities. Enjoy the growing appetite for high-quality products and experience an international venture.
Creativity and Business | May 2024 (Date to be Determined)

Recommended for: executives, advisors, managers, and partners seeking inspiration for the future of their businesses.

Ignite your creativity and do business in Canada. The innovative environment of this country provides the perfect backdrop to turn your ideas into successful ventures. Discover the power of creativity and conquer the Canadian market.
Management and Business | August 25-31, 2024

Recommended for: C-Levels, executives, managers, and leaders.

The Brazil-Canada Executive Education will be an exclusive corporate management experience. A combination of theories and practical learning at McGill University, one of the highly ranked Canadian universities in global education. Over 5 days of immersion, you will engage with various managerial aspects.
Healthcare Innovation | September/October 2024 (Date to be Determined)

Recommended for: hospital managers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

Visits to Canadian hospitals and healthcare innovation centers allow these professionals and managers to see the leading technological trends and cutting-edge management practices that they can apply in their hospitals in Brazil.

Alcoholic Beverages | October 2024 (Date to be Determined)

Recommended for: producers, representatives of alcoholic beverage brands, and sector associations interested in expanding their sales to Canada.

An opportunity to initiate or increase the export of alcoholic beverages to Canada during a week of on-site immersion in different provinces, technical visits to sales outlets, meetings with potential Canadian buyers, and tasting events.


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