Canada House is mobilizing SP Tech Week, once again!

The 6th edition of the largest technology week in Latin America will include three days of lectures on opportunities in Canada

By Estela Cangerana

For the third consecutive edition, CCBC will be the “House of Canada” during SP Tech Week, the largest week focused on technology and innovation in Latin America. This year, it will be held in a fully virtual way, from December 12th to 18th. From December 14th, visitors will be able to attend a free and extensive program of sessions with Brazilian and Canadian experts, which will address the most significant topics for entrepreneurs, professionals of the area, and others interested in innovation.

On the agenda, we can find contents on new technological solutions, research and market trends, opportunities for business internationalization in Canada and immigration processes, possibilities for capitalization of innovation companies on the Canadian stock exchange, an overview of the country’s ecosystem, discussion on the importance of finding the right partners, and tips for those who have already successfully paved the way for internationalization.

Canada is one of the world’s leading centers of technological development, known for offering a supportive environment for start-ups. Apart from housing several high level business accelerators and incubators, the country also offers good options in terms of access to resources for financing business development (through private investors or government financing lines) and stimulates the relationship with some of the most renowned academic and research institutions, all over the world .

“Canada has a very inclusive and open ecosystem for foreign initiatives. Government programs, which encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, are offered all over the country. An example are the thematic super clusters, which concentrate the sectorial research in some regions,” says Arminio Calonga, head of CCBC’s Business Development department.

Formula for success

In addition to all that was mentioned, Canada’s solid economic structure, its strongly promoted open trade policy, which allows access to markets around the globe, the quality of life, and skilled labor available complete a formula that attracts thousands of new businesses annually. “Canada, as well as Brazil, is a country of immigrants, which welcomes cultural differences and offers many opportunities,” said the executive.

In Calonga’s view, similarly to what has happened in previous editions, the three days of Canada House lectures will bring a practical sample of these opportunities and will help those interested in beginning to draw up plans to work with Canada, either through business partnerships or by opening companies on Canadian soil.

The complete program of the Canada House and the access to register for the lectures are available on the site