Brazil excels in the use of artificial intelligence

CCBC contributes by bringing together a group of companies to participate in the World Summit AI Americas, taking place in Canada

By Sérgio Siscaro

The use of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has long ceased to be exclusive to science fiction, and today permeates the most diverse sectors of the economy. In Brazil it could be no different: the very dissemination of startups that develop disruptive innovations ends up driving the use of AI, with an increase in the search for tools for applications such as facial recognition, chatbots, customer management, and back-office software, among others.

A survey conducted last year by the Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (Embrapii) in a universe of 164 companies shows that 76.2% consider that the use of AI tools will have a major impact on their competitiveness. The survey also showed there is a perception that this technology will be useful in the decision-making process, in the customized automation of products, processes or services, and in the recognition of data patterns, such as images and texts. In addition, the use of AI for the development of intelligent products or systems for the market or for internal use was also considered as a relevant application.

This dissemination of AI in Brazil has taken place not only in the private sector – especially in areas such as e-commerce, finance, or technology-intensive companies – but also in the public sector. The search for digitalization solutions to raise the standard of services provided has led to investment in the use of these technologies. An example of this is the publication, by the federal government, of the Brazilian Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (Ebia), which seeks to guide the actions of the Brazilian state to develop actions that stimulate research, innovation, and development of AI solutions.

A strength of the country with respect to the development of AI is the existence of a solid structure for research and development of new technologies. However, there is still a certain distance between academia and the private sector; greater cooperation between the two could provide an acceleration in the pace of investments in the sector.

CCBC attends WSAI Americas

Given this scenario, it is possible to conclude that the use of AI in Brazil shows great potential for growth in the coming years – assisting the process of digitalization of the economy, driving the development of new technologies and attracting investments from international players. Aware of this reality, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) is once again organizing a mission to participate in the World Summit AI (WSAI) Americas, which takes place on May 4 and 5 at the Palais Congress, in Montreal (Quebec).

It is worth noting that Canada is currently one of the leading global hubs in the development of AI technologies, receiving government support and concentrating several research centers. According to a study done by Global Advantage Consulting Group for the University of Toronto, the Canadian private sector focused on AI has attracted 3 billion in new investments and created 50,000 jobs in 670 companies in the country between 2015 and 2020.

WSAI Americas is the leading industry event in the Americas, and represents a valuable opportunity to access the latest developments in the field, get up-to-date on the latest trends, and meet with potential business partners. This edition is expected to bring together about 150 speakers and more than 2,500 attendees, representing the entire spectrum of AI – related activities – startups, academics, investors, business leaders, and large technology companies, among others.

In addition to providing mission participants with access to the event’s discussions, participation in interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, CCBC will also seek to disseminate the content of the WSAI Americas debates after the event, through a special meeting of its Technology and Culture Committee.

Those interested in obtaining more information about the mission can contact the Chamber’s commercial area at [email protected].