41% of companies already have ESG projects and 46% are engaged in co-creation projects

Survey conducted by CCBC during the Brazil-Canada Summit 2023

A survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) during the Brazil-Canada Summit 2023, revealed that 41% of participating entrepreneurs reported that their companies have already implemented ESG projects with the appropriate returns on investment. Another 27% mentioned that ESG projects are in progress, but there is no short-term return forecast. 25% of those present acknowledge the importance of ESG, although they had not yet implemented such projects. Only 7% stated they are currently uninterested in adopting the ESG agenda.

When asked about the primary challenges for effective management and employee engagement, 34% of respondents pointed to talent retention, followed by a lack of qualifications (26%), the applicability of diversity, equity and inclusion (25%), and the balance between virtual and face-to-face work (15%).

The CCBC survey also indicated that 46% of the entrepreneurs at the event are already involved in co-creation and collaborative work in research and development. 25% said they were still evaluating how to engage in this approach, while 8% said they had never thought of working in this way.