Startup Moby grows 100% and aims to expand logistics innovation abroad

With an estimated turnover of R$50 million this year, startup Moby, which developed an innovative solution to streamline logistics by tracking in real-time cargo transportation in Brazil, is preparing to take off on new flights and expand business overseas.

The first country chosen for this new endeavor was Canada. For this purpose, the startup will rely on the support of Brasil Hub, the internationalization platform of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC). Through this partnership, the company will start its operations in the country with full support and infrastructure to register the brand, operate and navigate within the rich networking of this ecosystem.

As a reference in logistic intelligence, the startup, founded in October 2017 and based in Campinas, by partners Renato Carreira and Eduardo Barradas, generated a revenue of R$ 37.6 million last year, more than double the R$ 18 million obtained in 2021. For this year, the revenue is expected to reach R$ 50 million, expanding to R$ 75 million in 2024 and, and reaching R$ 100 million in 2025, with 100% growth in two years.

According to the Moby’s partners, the company’s business was consolidated in the domestic market, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. “We started with two employees and the two partners and now we have 300 employees,” Carreira proudly states.

Barradas believes that now is the right time for the startup to expand its business abroad. “Planning is part of our DNA. We like to plan and prepare ourselves in a structured way to take our actions; and we sought CCBC to take our first step.”

The startup’s client portfolio – which initially started with an agribusiness client – now encompasses all economic sectors, ranging from food and beverage to fuel distribution companies.

“Today, 60% of the country’s fuel logistics and 20% of beer pass through Moby’s hands,” reveals Carreira. “Our goal now is to expand Moby’s boundaries because our technology is suitable for Brazil and the world.”

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*Source: Moby