Filho sem Fila releases solutions to increase security in the back to school

Filho sem Fila, a Brazilian startup with operation also in Canada, has released last August new solutions that will bring greater safeness in the back to school time. The company, which already offered a platform that monitors and speeds up the departure of students from schools, organizing the parents’ queue, has now added new features. This is a system that allows accurate entry and exit records, helping schools in the students’ rotation management, required to comply with the social distancing and hybrid teaching.

The same app still allows self-statements from parents, students and employees of the educational establishment, informing if they had symptoms of COVID-19 or if they were in contact with any contaminated person. With this, the disease mapping becomes easier, an action considered one of the main factors to contain the contamination. The original solution of Filho sem Fila, which informs the parents’ arrival to pick up their children, also eliminates queues and agglomerations at the school doors.

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