Explore the new CCBC communication platform

Chamber launches new projects in print and digital media, expands channels of interaction with its public and promotes the exchange of ideas and news between Brazil and Canada

by Estela Cangerana

A totally new printed magazine, a newsletter with the month’s most important news in your inbox, studies, exclusive research, special thematic publications, clippingspodcasts, videos, quality information every day on the website and social networks: all this is part of the 2020 communication platform which the CCBC has just launched. These different vehicles complement each other, in a modern and innovative way, with the aim of informing, revealing and promoting the countless possibilities for exchanges between Brazil and Canada, whether in the area of business, investments, culture, education or social affairs.

The main highlight of the new platform is the Explore magazine, a bilingual publication issued quarterly by the Chamber, with a print edition of 12 thousand copies to be sent to a selected audience in the two countries. “Explore is a collaborative publication, with a pioneering DNA, created to show new insights and different angles of the news. We can see this already in the first issue, which talks about trends and how CCBC is part of them”, said the president of the Chamber, Paulo Perrotti, at a cocktail party to introduce the new vehicle.

With a modern layout and content that goes beyond the area of business, the magazine challenges readers to let loose their spirit of adventure and to set out into unknown territory. An example of this is the journey of yachtsman Beto Pandiani, the subject of one of the first reports and special guest at the Explore launch.

Pandiani, who has sailed across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and traversed the planet from north to south in a sailing boat without a cabin, is getting ready to try the Polar Route, the famous northwest passage. This is only possible during the three summer months, when the ice to the north of Canada retreats. The journey is to be the subject of a cable TV series and a documentary on climate change.

In his life as a yachtsman Pandiani has learned many truths that are valid for any entrepreneur. “To make a trip like this, you have to learn to handle risks, people, a lack of resources. You find that you can go a very long way with very little”, he says. “It is an exercise in overcoming difficulties one after another, in prioritizing, in resilience. Mental preparation is fundamental. A storm at sea can be a good place to be if you are safe and ready for it.”

Other media vehicles
The new CCBC newsletter provides centralized information to assist interaction with its audience. A single monthly email will provide access to the principal news about Brazil-Canada relations published on the website during the month, and give details of past and future Chamber activities in the Programe-se and Aconteceu columns. Other communication products, such as podcasts, videos, clippings and special publications will also be available via direct links in the newsletter.

And details of all the Chamber initiatives will be on LinkedinFacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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