Exhibition Exchanging Glances Brazil-Canada was exhibited at MON in Curitiba

By Viviane Monteiro

The photographic exhibition Exchanging Glances Brazil-Canada ended on May 14th at MON – Museu Oscar Niemeyer, in Curitiba (PR). Supported by the BRP Group, this project is an initiative of CCBC to promote cultural exchange between Canada and Brazil through the lenses of two photographers, one from each country.

Besides gathering pictures of Quebec City and Curitiba, the exhibition featured the work of professionals Brian Noppè (Canada) and Renato Negrão (Brazil) who highlighted the small communities both in the snow of Quebec and in the sand dunes of Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão (Route of Emotions), revealing to the public the richness of their way of life combined with respect for the environment. The incredible outcome reinforced the project’s goal of awakening reflection on possible paths towards regional sustainable development in each location.

This year´s novelty was the participation of Brazilian driver Nelsinho Piquet, the first Formula E world champion, winner of Nascar races, X-Games medalist, numerous prominent participations in Formula 1 and Le Mans, as well as a competitor in the Sertões Rally, the largest rally of the Americas, since 2020, always with the support of Can-Am, a BRP Group brand.

“All the material resulting from this initiative, which includes not only the exhibition but also a book, represents another symbol of the work that BRP has been carrying out for the socioeconomic growth in Brazil through the use of its vehicles. Being part of this partnership speaks volumes about our growth and incentive practices, about what we believe and support”, said Fernando Alves, BRP Brazil’s Country Manager.

“The Exchanging Glancesed Gazes Brazil-Canada exhibition has the ability to bring the “gaze of discovery”, the beauty of details seen for the first time, and the perception of cultural contrasts. However, in this edition, the professionals´ lenses went further, combining the contemplation of beauty with the vision of a sustainable economic future through stunning portraits of an unforgettable adventure along regional trails in both countries”, commented Paulo de Castro Reis, Director of Institutional Relations at CCBC and curator of the exhibition.