Döhler launches PET bottle curtain

Concerned about the health of the Planet, Döhler, one of the leading and most sustainable textile industries in Latin America, has just launched, in partnership with Unifi, the Renove curtain, made from post-consumer PET bottle threads.

The product contains high-performance recycled yarns and tracking technology in its composition. In other words, it can be proven that Döhler has helped to remove thousands of plastic bottles from the environment that would have otherwise polluted it. To give you an idea, crafting 500 meters of curtain, requires the use of nearly 5,000  PET bottles. 

The Renove curtain is just one of Döhler’s eco-responsible products, as the company  adopts sustainable practices throughout its operation.

The Brazilian company is globally recognized for its quality and responsible practices. With over 141 years of history, 3.1 thousand employees and is located in the city of Joinville (SC) within a manufacturing park of 225,000 m². Döhler specializes in producing household items (bed, table, bath and decoration), as well as fabrics for furniture, footwear industry and solutions for the hotel and hospital sectors. Currently, the company exports to more than 20 countries and is proud to bring comfort and well-being to thousands of people around the world.