CCBC and the Consulate General of Canada strengthen partnerships for trade promotion

The goal is to boost trade and cultural promotion and attract new investments between the two nations

By Deborah Oliveira

The partnership between the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) and the Consulate General of Canada for trade and cultural promotion and the attraction of investments between Brazil and Canada has been strengthening through the exchange of experiences between the two institutions. In late 2023, CCBC received representatives from the Consulate General of Canada to discuss strategies for promoting Canada among Brazilian companies. During the event, CCBC had the presence of Anouk Bergeron-Laliberté, Consul and Canadian Senior Trade Commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada, who emphasized the importance of joint work for commercial growth in bilateral relations.

The cooperation between CCBC and the Consulate General of Canada, with diverse expertise in economic, legal, cultural, and diplomatic areas, has contributed to strengthening business partnerships between companies and government institutions, particularly in mediation, legal and regulatory understanding, technical cooperation, exchanges in culture and education, as well as the consolidation of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“We are strategically aligned with the Consulate General of Canada with the purpose of strengthening the presence and dialogue between Canadian and Brazilian companies to achieve sustainability in business,” explains Daniella Leite, Director of Associates and New Business at CCBC.

For 2024, CCBC plans a series of events and missions, such as the “Brazil-Canada Economic Forum,” the “Brazil-Canada Summit,” “Canada Day,” the “Sial Mission” for food and beverages, the “C2 Mission” for creativity and business, the “Health Innovation Mission,” and the “Executive Education Mission.” All of these will be worked on in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada, continuing the actions carried out so far.

Key Attendees

Additionally, CCBC and the Consulate General of Canada will host various Canadian authorities in the period leading up to the Summit of Heads of Government and State, which will take place on November 18-19, 2024, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The idea is to bring Canadian authorities closer to private and public sector entrepreneurs in Brazil, facilitating future business partnerships and investment attraction.

Brazil has assumed the temporary presidency of the G-20, a group that brings together the world’s major economies, the European Union, and the African Union. Throughout its term in the G-20, Brazil will organize more than 100 working group meetings and create two task forces within the G20 framework to expand efforts to combat inequality, the Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty, and the Global Mobilization Against Climate Change. These topics, which represent significant challenges for sustainability in business, are also a central part of the discussions held in two of the most important events regularly organized by CCBC: the Brazil-Canada Summit and the Brazil-Canada Economic Forum.

For 50 years, CCBC has represented a significant number of companies operating in Brazil and Canada, across various sectors, resulting in a huge synergy between the two countries. With work aligned with the Consulate General of Canada, CCBC aims to further expand its activities through trade missions, business rounds, and the creation of hubs to support the internationalization of Brazilian companies in a time of major global challenges.