Canada offers more innovative undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs

Canadian universities and colleges presented the latest in technology, environment and management courses, applying sustainability concepts during event held by CCBC

By Alessandra Taraborelli

Cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes, quality of life, safety, employability and high level of qualification and innovation in courses offered by Canadian educational institutions are among the main reasons pointed out by most Brazilian students who choose to study in Canada. According to the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association´s survey, conducted by Belta – Association of Exchange Agencies, Canada received the highest number of students for exchange programs in 2022 (21.3%). Renowned educational institutions showcased the advantages of choosing the North American country to experience Canadian culture and pursue undergraduate, graduate, MBA or languages studies during the Canada Day, an event held by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) in early July.

In addition to classic courses and language programs, institutions presented the latest in undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs, focusing in ESG concepts – Environmental, Social and Governance – whose objective is to prepare the student not only for the challenges in the job market, but also to develop critical thinking on topics involving technology, management and the environment and their practical application in daily life, such as renewable energy, transportation, green buildings, mining.

How to apply for courses

To enroll in any of the options, students must present equivalent school documentation and demonstrate proficiency in English or French. The courses available for undergraduate programs (college) last from two to four years and are geared towards more technical or practical careers. University courses, on the other hand, usually last three to four years and are designed for students who want to pursue an academic career or complete a master’s or doctoral program.

Students who already have an undergraduate degree can opt for postgraduate courses in Canada, which usually last from six months to two years, or MBA programs, geared towards those seeking specialization in management, business or technology. Language courses are also offered by some educational institutions as a preparation phase for higher education programs.

More information on courses:

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