3rd edition of the CCBC event took place at the Evvai Restaurant and enthralled the audience and guests with the creations of the chefs from Brazil and Canada.

From June 19 to 24, the III Canadian Gastronomy Week of the CCBC took place, a success such as the Brazilian week in Canada, held in late April in Montreal.

In Brazil, award-winning chef Luiz Filipe Souza, at his restaurant Evvai, hosted the Canadian chef Antonio Park, from Montreal, and together they created the menu of the week.

“Park’s experience is what we tried to highlight in this special menu, using typical ingredients from Canada”, says Filipe. The chef, who is the only Brazilian to compete for Bocuse D’Or in 2019, has developed his training in Italian cuisine, built from an early age in true schools, such as Grupo Fasano, where he started and consolidated his career, and the star-awarded restaurant of Niko Romito in Abruzzo (Italy), where he worked. He does not lack talent and determination. At Evvai, Filipe presents a modern and creative style, fine dining, which has Italy in his background and the Brazilian flavors that he dedicates himself to studying and discovering.

Antonio Park reveals the eastern influence in his cooking and brought to this experience in Brazil, where he has lived and worked, Canadian ingredients that identify the country’s cuisine, promoting a multicultural show that is his trademark. Park is a reference in gastronomy: his name is present in more than 15 food businesses in Canada and in the USA and in his restaurants there are several flavors of the world. “A little of Canada’s culture manifests itself in the dishes of this proposal”, he defined the concept of his creations at the opening dinner of the Week.

The chefs are responsible for the brightness of the meetings of CCBC’s Gastronomy Weeks, as they promote the exchange of techniques, ingredients and flavors of their cultures. On the opening night, Park and Filipe prepared a special menu with various ingredients from Canadian and Brazilian cuisines.

Unilateral tuna
Grilled tuna, maple syrup, cucumber sauce with pepper.

Matam shrimp
Quebec’s crunchy Matam shrimp, creamy spicy sauce, egg carpaccio

Magret de canard Ssäam
Duck marinated in spicy maple syrup

Short Ribs
Short ribs with sweet potato mash, season vegetables and special sauce

Grilled octopus with scallops
Grilled octopus, scallop ceviche and Asian pear

Orange Cheesecake
Orange and Grand Marnier Cheesecake