The basic principle guiding the CCBC’s activities since its foundation is to contribute to the generation of business for member companies, promoting and publicizing opportunities in the commercial, educational and cultural areas.

In this way, the Chamber seeks to fulfill its objective of strengthening bilateral relations between Brazil and Canada in different spheres

Market research/mapping

Identification of potential suppliers, customers and/or partners, according to specific needs of the associate, as well as direct access to the contacts that are raised through the Chamber.

Statistical data

Like market research, the dissemination of data on the economies of both countries is essential to guide business generation. Therefore, members have constant access to information on trends in international trade of products and services, identification of seasonalities and potential market sizing, both for the identification of suppliers and potential customers.

Scheduling of meetings

CCBC can organize an agenda of meetings in both Brazil and Canada, so each part can begin their negotiations.

Promotion and participation in fairs and events

There are several options for joint action, to expand markets and increase the visibility of members. The initiatives promoted include event support, dissemination to the CCBC mailing and through various other channels of communication.

Commercial and Prospective Missions

After identification and mapping of potential sectors in Brazil or Canada, the CCBC organizes trade missions, which may include participation in trade shows, scheduling of B2B meetings, training, technical visits and social events. The purpose is to develop the market for its associates and partners.

Business rounds

the CCBC specializes in promoting matchmaking between Canadian and Brazilian companies, carefully analyzing each one’s profile and identifying business opportunities. After this process, the Chamber organizes an event that offers several objective meetings in a single day, optimizing the time of the entrepreneurs and creating concrete business possibilities.

Internationalization of business

Orientations are offered on the process of opening a company, bureaucratic procedures for trade or investment, and indication of contacts of specialized advisors.

Use of CCBC space

The physical structure of the CCBC includes two auditoriums, one for 40 seats and another for 90, and meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 18 people. The rooms are equipped with complete audiovisual system. In addition, there are several smaller rooms for B2B meetings, in which associates can develop their business. These spaces can be used according to availability and with prior authorization.