Worten brings Canadian technologies to Brazil

Created in August of this year with the purpose of establishing partnerships with international companies, especially from Canada, and bringing technologies developed abroad to the Brazilian context, the national startup Worten Group has just signed a contract with the Canadian company Weco, which operates in the development of electronic connectors. The company is also preparing its expansion in the water (distribution and management), energy (generation through renewables and energy efficiency in buildings) and asset management software markets. In the areas of water and energy, Canada has cutting-edge technological expertise – and the country is considered to be one of the best in the world in these segments.

“Worten is operating in strategic areas, and its focus is on providing efficiency. In the case of Weco, of which we will be the commercial representatives in the state of São Paulo, a major differential is the possibility of delivering customized electronic connectors – that is, adapted to the specific needs of the client’s project,” says the startup’s managing director, Hilton Nascimento. He adds that the company is signing an agreement with another Brazilian startup to work together in the area of asset management.

About Worten’s performance in the energy area, Nascimento highlights the agreement for business development in Brazil with the German company Bioconstruct, which operates in the segment of biogas, solar and wind energy. The idea is to develop in Brazil, as early as 2023, projects in partnership with Brazilian companies in the infrastructure area and focused on energy generation through biogas.   

More information at www.wortensolutions.com

*Source: Worten Group