The evolution of due diligence

A reality increasingly present in the corporate world, the performance of due diligence processes is intended to analyze different aspects of the company – especially in the face of operations such as mergers and acquisitions. In this context, the search for documents on the financial, labor and tax situation, among others, is an essential step. But what about the expectations of the people involved in the negotiation?

Burithi, a consultancy specialized in mapping disputes and using mediation as a methodology to resolve them, seeks to answer this question with relational due diligence, a process aimed at the people or companies involved in the negotiations. After all, if different visions and objectives are not aligned, negotiations may fail – or lead to a result that, in the medium term, is not satisfactory for any of the parties involved. In this way, the interests and needs of those involved are analyzed, in order to make the operation more effective and lasting.

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*Source: Burithi Consultoria