Teckma Group intensifies actions to combat COVID-19, balancing work with the safety of customers and employees

The Teckma Group, which brings together 2,000 people in 25 different locations to carry out complex works and industrial maintenance, has implemented a series of changes to face the challenges brought about by the new coronavirus crisis and help in the future resumption of its entire ecosystem. In this period of low activity in industries, the maintenance division (TKS) has focused on preventive maintenance and asset conservation, so that its customers’ factories are ready for reactivation at the right time, with guarantees of quality, safety and reliability. The works division (TKE) reorganized its processes for the gradual resumption of activities, a reality that has been happening since the beginning of May.

In this new world reality, the Teckma Digital project is being accelerated. Advanced conversations with Canadian IBI Group Inc. (ibigroup.com) outline collaborative partnerships, seeking to bring new technologies that have already been tried and tested to be applied in factories in Brazil.

More details of the actions of Teckma Group and its companies in the crisis of the novel coronavirus can be seen at teckma.com.br/corona