Opportunities in the energy sector

By Sérgio Siscaro

One of the major trends that is taking place globally today is that of digital transformation. This process, which extends to the most diverse branches of activity, with the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things, is increasingly part of the daily lives of companies. The energy sector could not be an exception, as these transformations can make it more efficient and less costly.

The topic is explored in depth in the article Digital transformation and self-regulation open up opportunities in the energy sector, by Marcelo Ribeiro, partner in the regulatory area at KPMG; Adriana Pugliesi, professor at CEU Law School; and Beyla Fellous, director of the Executive LL.M. from CEU Law School.

The text examines the main contributions that digital transformation can bring to the sector – ranging from replacing fossil fuels in vehicles to increasing consumer participation in distributed generation, through decentralization.

“Changes in the Brazilian energy sector, under the influence of the new digital economy, will bring significant changes in this market, opening up new business opportunities, most likely in increasing self-regulation. The scenario seems favorable to investments in the energy sector”, concludes the document.

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*Source: KPMG