New project of Lex Start offers technology for law firms

Canadian legaltech Lex Start is launching its “” platform in Brazil, offering technology for the automation of documents, allied to validation by lawyers, for business people from Canada and other countries interested in doing business in Canada. The solutions, available in French, English and Portuguese, are at fixed, reasonable prices.

The services are offered by means of “kits” configured to meet the most common requirements of a business at the initial stage, such as incorporation (opening a company), shareholders’ agreements, service agreements, terms and conditions for the use of a website, confidentiality agreements, etc. More than 20 kits are available. All of them provide documents tailored to the client’s requirements, with the endorsement of a well-known Canadian law firm.

The firm advising Lex Start in Brazil is David & Athayde Advogados, a member of CCBC with one of its partners based in Montreal, Canada. As well as being the firm responsible for validating and adapting the legaltech model to the Brazilian scenario, D&A Advogados will integrate the Lex Start technology and model to provide services more in line with what companies and startups in today’s market actually want.